Culture, Practice & Europeanization (CPE) (ISSN 2566-7742) is a peer reviewed platform for publishing research-based articles predominantly dealing with research into the multiplicity of social processes, interactions, and policies relating to Europeanization and international encounters in Europe. CPE is an open access journal. All contributions are made available for download upon publication. Perspectives may be interdisciplinary. Empirical, theoretical and conceptual texts of significant originality will be considered for publication. CPE publishes foremost full-length original articles, but will also consider original reviews, conference speeches, and notes in order to inform the research community of most recent developments. CPE welcomes contributions that seek to enhance understanding of social processes relating to internationalization and further trans-national activities and processes in Europe. Contributions may also be based on observations in settings outside of Europe that are (e.g. historically, politically, culturally) connected to European practices. This may relate, inter alia, to the field of research into trans-cultural encounters and communication, the internationalization of businesses and education, to migration, to the formation of attitudes towards Europe, or to comparative studies on social inequality and welfare. All methodological approaches are welcomed. CPE publishes at least biannually.

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