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Possible themes/topics for contributions include, but are not limited to:

  • Childhood
    • What are the potentials of research that tries to take the perspectives of children and adolescents in a way that takes them seriously as autonomous actors?
    • How can concepts, ideas, and research which originate in the "global South" adequately become part of the scientific discourse?

  • Cross‐cultural perspectives
    • What are the potentials of cross‐cultural approaches for researching childhood and adolescence?
    • What similarities and differences can be found, e.g., between school cultures in national education systems, and how do they relate to vocational ideas of different age groups?

  • Future
    • What are the potentials of research approaches that investigate the visions of children and adolescents about their future in order to explore their current positioning?
    • How do children and young people imagine their future, and how do their views of the future relate to the embedding societal conditions of growing up?

  • Images
    • What are the potentials of innovative research methods like the use of visual data (e.g. photographs or drawings) for children and childhood studies?
    • Which methodological and methodical questions arise when visual data is the basis of comparative studies, and how can such data be adequately analysed by qualitative research approaches?

We cordially invite researchers from social, cultural and childhood studies to share their ideas, perspectives and research results in order to bring together our experiences and to strengthen the community in the research field of childhood and youth.

Forms of contribution

  • Symposium Presentation (3‐4 topically related presentations within 90 min.)
  • Oral Presentation (20 min + Discussion)
  • Poster presentation (A0 format)

Abstracts (max. 300 words), along with a short biographical note, should be submitted to the conference organisers at:


The deadline for proposals is 28 February 2017. Notifications will be given until 31 March 2017. We plan to publish conference proceedings.