Visit to the 31st North Frisian Summer Institute

The country inn on the cattle drove - North Frisian Summer Institute June 28, 2023

On Wednesday, June Dr. Litty and Team were guests at the 31st North Frisian Summer Institute at Nordfriisk Futuur in Bredstedt to give a lecture on the completed transcription of the Ranzelberg Guestbook (1834-1888). Sam, Momme, and Ilka talked about the history of the guest book, transcription techniques, the content of the guestbook entries (the "fraternity" life, Frisians and Frisian language entries, politics, etc.) and about possible future research fields concerning the guest book. The entertaining and yet research-based lecture managed to inspire the audience. Afterward, interesting discussions and new promising contacts were made.

The lecture not only ended the transcription phase of the 428-page manuscript, but unfortunately also our collaboration with Ilka Thomsen. After successfully completing her MA thesis in December, Ilka is leaving our work-group because she will work as a press correspondent at GEOMAR in Kiel with her usual competence and willingness to perform. We will miss you, dear Ilka, and wish you all the best in your future!