We are a small, highly motivated team with diverse experiences abroad. We look forward to collaborating with you -- just send us a message if you'd like to get involved. Maybe you have a project or event for which you still need a platform, or you want to do an internship in our project, or you just want to gain new experiences. Anyone who wants to join us is very welcome!

This is us

Kathrin Wild

Kathrin Wild

My name is Kathrin Wild. I am 39 years old and grew up in the Sauerland. I studied cultural and language mediation at the Syddansk Universitet in Sønderborg, the Uni Joensuu in Finland and the Uni Flensburg. In Flensburg, I received my doctorate in German as a Foreign Language with a focus on pronunciation acquisition and didactics. My enthusiasm for other languages and cultures led me to teach German and English for several years in Slovenia, Denmark and England and to learn many other languages. After training English teachers at University College Syddanmark, I have most recently conducted research on early foreign language learning and multilingualism at the University of Bielefeld. For me, every experience abroad has been fraught with anticipation and anxiety in equal measure. What will await me? Will I be able to meet the linguistic and cultural demands placed on me? For me, going abroad means, on the one hand pushing myself to my limits, and on the other hand significantly expanding my own horizons and getting to know myself over and over again. What was actually waiting for me? Years of friendships, learning languages while playing cards, or with children, playing in different music ensembles, grape harvesting, corn harvesting, learning to milk,..... As part of the project, I am happy to be able to provide students with international experiences that meet their individual needs and to visit our partners in Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Hungary twice a year to promote internationalization in teacher education.

Anastasiia Bakhvalova

Hello, I am Nastia. I’m 24 years old and originally from Russia, Saint-Petersburg. When I moved to Flensburg in 2019 to pursue my master's degree in the the EUF Culture-Language-Media program, I already had a lot of experience working with children and in intercultural contexts.

I started as an intern in the kindergarten at the Moscow German School, and also worked as a student assistant with the Chair of German Language at the Moscow State Pedagogical University, where I received a diploma with honors in 2018. I also participated in intercultural projects in museums (Moscow, Nuremberg) and worked as a Russian language assistant in Nuremberg high school for one year. In my free time, I like to travel.

The world is not one-dimensional and never was. Especially in our time of globalization, it is important to get a view of oneself, one's own and foreign cultures from a "different perspective". That is why the ideas and goals of the "Partners in Mobility" project are very important to me. I am very happy to drive them forward with our team!