What is Partners in Mobility?

Through Partners in Mobility, EUF wants to learn how we can best help you internationalize your own studies. Even if you're not planning a semester or internship abroad, your feedback is still vitally needed in order for us to achieve this.

Who are the "partners" in Partners in Mobility?

  • All first-semester students in the Educational Sciences BA program (Fall Semester 2019/20)
  • Europa-Universität Flensburg
  • Partner universities in Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Hungary
  • Regional schools

What's in it for project participants?

  • As a participant, you receive intensive support and advice about how to internationalize your studies.
  • We also help you with your search for semester-abroad funding and scholarships.
  • Your occasional participation in surveys will help us find joint answers to your individual questions.
  • You can bring your own ideas into workshops with the other partners, as together we develop joint strategies to internationalize the teaching profession.
  • In your fifth semester, you can do a semester abroad at one of our more than 100 partner universities.

Write to us!

Do you already have a project in mind and just need a platform? Are you looking for ways to meet new people? Or maybe you just want a clearer idea of we're all about?

Whatever it is, we want to hear from you!