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HEL 203

Frau Duysen Tel.: +49 461 805 2671 / Frau Storm Tel.: +49 461 805 2693  

HEL 204

Frau Ingwersen Tel.: +49 461 805 2679

common email address:


common fax number: +49 461 805 2670

Postbox in building Helsinki:

no. 10 and no. 15

Generally, please contact us by e-mail at:


In order for us to process your request as quickly as possible, please always include the following information:

  •     your name and your matriculation number
  •     according to which examination regulations you are studying
  •     Module examination and/or sub-module examination number and teacher
  •     Event number
  •     Info about registered exams PDF + Transcript of records PDF(if Studiport related)

Please send your request via your official student address (student account: vorname.name@studierende.uni-flensburg.de).
All important notifications will also be sent to this mail address.
Please check your mailbox regularly.

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