ICES Research Colloquium in Autumn Semester 21/22

Date: Thursdays, 17.15 - 18.45 h

Date Presenter Affiliation Title of the presentation
23.09.21 Tobias Nickl PhD candidate, Seminar für Soziologie Freedom of movement for severely disabled people in Europe:  How citizens’ rights challenge the European social model (more info).
07.10.21 Tobias Nanz & Hedwig Wagner Post-Doc + Prof. Europäische Medienwissenschaften Europe: a Space of communication. A project presentation.
28.10.21 Katarina Stratena PhD candidate, Seminar für Soziologie     The "flexible solidarity" concept in the Slovak political discourse on the EU's migration and asylum policy. Between Enlightenment and Counter-Enlightenment grounds of solidarity
18.11.21 Lars Schmeink Post-Doc, Seminar für Amerikanistik/ ICES "Popular Imaginaries of the Digital as Science Communication"
25.11.21 Monika Verbalyte, Stefan Wallaschek & Monika Eigmüller Post-Doc, Seminar für Soziologie/ ICES Analyzing value conflicts in European countries: Insights from the ValCon research project (more info)
09.12.21 Michelle Witen Junior Professor of English and Irish Literature From Britain to Ireland to Europe: Bram Stoker's Dracula and the Victorian Periodical (more info)
16.12.21 Ulrich Glassmann Professor of Comparative Institutional Analysis "How do authoritarian capitalist regimes deal with educational inequality?" (more info)
13.01.22 Craig Willis PhD candidate, Seminar für Soziologie / ECMI Minority language media: stigma, acceptance, linguistic capital?

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