ICES Lesekreis Frühjahrsemester 2021

This spring semester, we will continue our reading group! On the basis of a book voting, we have decided to read the book:


Katharina Pistor (2020)

The Code of Capital - How the Law Creates Wealth and Inequality


The Code of Capital explains how capital is created behind closed doors in the offices of private attorneys, and why this little known fact is one of the biggest reasons for the widening wealth gap between the holders of capital and everybody else.

The reading group takes place: every second Thursday, 5:15 – 6:45 p.m. online, starting on the 15th of April 21

We will read the bookin English, the original language of publication, so as to allow all interested persons to participate in our discussions. We will read the first three chapters (pp. 1-76) for the first session. This should give us a solid basis to start our conversation.For those interested in podcasts, we recommend this interesting episode of "Wohlstand für alle" with Katharina Pistor (in German, though):

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