Publication Series

Series on International Human Resource Management and Strategy Research

Edited by Marion Festing and Susanne Royer

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Focus of the Series on International Human Resource Management and Strategy

This series focussing on research in international human resource management and strategy is designed to stimulate discussions on current developments in these disciplines. The scope of this series reflects the importance of the fields of strategy and human resource management in the international environment of a globalised world. Both areas have the potential to contribute essentially to the description and explanation of competitive advantage realisation, performance issues and contributions to achieving other corporate goals and objectives. therefore, these arenas need attention in research as well as in practive. This series will focus on the latest research results in these fields by integrating original research results from research projects including collaborative research projects and doctoral research.

Theoretical spectrum

The theoretical spectrum covered in this series is purposefully wide. First, it acknowledges the strong focus on resource-oriented perspectives which dominate discussions in strategy research and it also recognises the critical value of human resources in an organisational context. As the first volume demonstrates, a variety of theoretical perspectives can offer promising avenues for research. The aim is to provide through this series an open platform for strategy and human resource analyses emphasising focused explanations in order to complete the puzzle of relevant research in both disciplines. Therefore, economic, psychological and sociological contributions are invited in order to capture the phenomena to be examined within this series in an interdisciplinary fashion.

International dimension

The international dimension encompasses various perspectives. First, as in intercultural management studies, this includes examples embedded in a country specific context. Furthermore, international comparative studies as well as studies focusing on the management of multinational corporations are welcome. Of course, the analysis of special international challenges faced by smaller players is encouraged. Thus the series is open for studies following either universalist or contextualist paradigms. The international scope of the series is acknowledged by a high degree of openness towards publications in different languages in order to reach a large international audience and to provide a platform for increasing visibility of the research results in international human resource management and strategy. This leads to a broad field of investigation in a highly relevant area. 

Methodological spectrum

The same openness applies to the methodological designs of the studies. Here, quantitative as well as qualitative approaches are welcome. The criterion for inclusion of a contribution based on surveys, interviews, experimental studies etc. is the rigour of the selected methodology and the fit to the research question.

Authors of future contributions

The interface between both disciplines is at the heart of the research concerns of both editors. Bringing together our ideas from both identified research fields is not only reflected in joint publications and projects but also manifested in our combined research colloquia. We are therefore looking forward to including the forthcoming theses of our PhD students in this book series and would also like to encourage researchers from other universities and business schools to use this platfrom by contributing their work. This, of course, includes early career researchers. The overall goal is to develop a series of high quality volumes based on sound theoretical reasoning and if applicable, rigorous empirical investigations.

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Prof. Dr. Susanne Royer is the Editor of the 'International Journal of Globalisation and Small Business' (IJGSB). This international journal examines means and strategies of internationalisation. IJGSB promotes discussion in respect to what is required of small business' managements in the globalizing world. Dramatic changes within the companies' environment impact on small businesses, not only in terms of risks but also opportunities. Managers of small businesses must increasingly cope with both global and local dimensions of competition. Researching the potentially conflicting subject of 'globalisation and small businesses' is therefore highly relevant.

IJGSB aims at researching the opportunities and threats globalisation poses for small businesses. The intention is to develop IJGSB as an effective channel of communication between political institutions, federal agencies, academic and research facilities as well as persons who, within their companies, deal with the complex role of small businesses within society. The international dimension has priority in order to overcome cultural and national barriers and to give consideration to the dynamic technological requirements as well as other changes of global economy from the point of view of small businesses. Exemplary topics of interest for IJGSB include: international strategies of small firms, entrepreneurship in global business, small businesses in a changing environment, globalisation in family businesses, new international paths such as chosen by 'born globals', impact of e-commerce on small businesses, innovation management in global competition.