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Digitalization and networking lead to more new challenges and radical structural changes in the media industry than in virtually any other traditional sector. The objective of our work is to accompany this media change within research and teaching. In this context, the main focus of research particularly lies on the understanding and design of business models in the media industry. For the field of teaching, the latter is reflected in Media & Communication Management as the major field of study. Apart from media management, there are some further areas of activity within the field of general management and business economics, such as e.g. researching the organization of company networks.


The specialist field of media management has been represented at Europa-Universität Flensburg since the year 2000. With this chair initiated by Schleswig-Holstein Press Foundation and funded by it during the first five years, Europa-Universität Flensburg offers an innovative business specialization that is only available at a few German universities.

Teaching and research at the Chair of Media Management at the International Institute for Management in Flensburg are characterized by an interdisciplinary approach.

Through the education within the media sector belonging to the most important growth industries in the new millennium due to the developments of the information and communication technologies, students can bring in both any specific industry as well as economic competence and sensibility with regard to publishing issues. Moreover, there are some cross-sector opportunities to act as a communications specialist with business background.

The Chair of Media Management continuously maintains research and teaching cooperations with selected universities at home and abroad and attaches great importance to the close cooperation with the regional economy for improving the knowledge transfer between research and practice.

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