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  • #allesdichtmachen - An interview with Prof. Dr. Tabea Scheel. (23.04.2021) Spiegel
  • How we lie to ourselves in procrastination. (18.04.2021) jetzt
  • Article in fluter about ruining careers with jokes. (08.03.2021) fluter
  • How studens in isolation suffer during the Corona pandemic. (01.02.2021) SHZ
  • Home-Office is not the ultimate way of work. (07.05.2020) SHZ
  • Men as the more humorous gender. (12.01.2020) Deutschlandfunk
  • Do men really make the better jokes? (13.12.2020) Bayern 2 Radio
  • Are men funnier than women? (06.12.2020) MDR Online-Article and Radio
  • Little risk, little innovation: German companies are ruining their own future with the wrong error culture.
    Business Insider Deutschlang GmbH - Dr. Tabea Scheel
  • Professional Tips - meet the deadline The ultimate pro tips to meet any deadline
  • Managers should be good role models. The campaign kommmitmensch is aimed at managers to improve the working atmosphere. The campaign will fokus on six fields of action over the next few years: Leadership, communication, participation, error culture, working atmosphere, safety and health. Managers must be aware of their function als role models, explains Tabea Scheel, Professor of Industrial and Organizational Psychology at the European University of Flensburg. DGUV - Das Magazin für Führungskräfte
  • How does a joke work? Can I learn humor? The psychologist and humor researcher Prof. Dr. Tabea Scheel gives tips on how we can take live with more humor. meinNachmittag - NDR