Dr.Johanna Lisa Degen

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+49 461 805 2275
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Gebäude Tallinn 1
TAL 117
Auf dem Campus 1b
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24943 Flensburg


Abteilung Psychologie
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No Title Type Semester
111117k Parasoziale Beziehungen (Social Media) und Gesundheit: Perspektiven auf Kindheit, Jugend und Entwicklung Seminar Spring semester 2024
111116k Identität, Massenkommunikation & Social Media: Perspektiven auf Kindheit, Jugend und Vermittlungskontexte (Medienkompetenz) Seminar Spring semester 2024
111127k Kindheit und Schule: Partizipative Psychologievertiefung Seminar Spring semester 2024


  • Master of Science Business Psychology/ Euro-FH/Hamburg
  • Master of Arts Education in Europe/EUF/Flensburg
  • Bachelor of Arts Educational Science, minor in Psychology (part-time)/
    University Hagen/Copenhagen
  • Apprenticeship in hotel management/Münster
  • High School Diploma (Abitur)

Professional experience:

  • Research assistant & PhD at the Institute for Educational Sciences, Department of Psychology/EUF/Flensburg
  • Foundation "We.lead-Women´s Empowerment and Leadership"/Flensburg
  • Seminar participation Coaching & Mediation/Euro-FH/Hamburg
  • Student assistant at the Institute for Educational Sciences, Department of Educational Sciences/EUF/Flensburg
  • Project intern at the International Institute for Management and Economic Education,
    Department of Economics and its Didactics/EUF/Flensburg
  • 7 years experience as an employee in executive positions as well as in senior management/Copenhagen

Main research areas:


Subjective sovereignty in the tension of restrictive norms & subjective scope of action. Mostly interested at the moment in: Eco anxiety, subjects and mating culture (e.g. Tinder and the human-tech relationship), diversity management and its consequences for and impact on subjects, method and methodology in the postqualitative research paradigm.

Short bio:

After finishing high school, Johanna Lisa Degen successfully completed an apprenticeship in the hotel industry. She then gained eight years of experience as an executive manager in Copenhagen. During that time, she studied a Bachelor`s degree (B.A., Educational Sciences, minor Psychology) and two Master`s degrees (M.A., European Education & M.Sc., Business Psychology) alongside her work. In 2017 she returned to Europa-University Flensburg for doctoral studies and teaching.