Teaching approach

The chair´s activities within the field of academic teaching are guided by two fundamental objectives:

With a view to the objective of professional qualification, it is important to adequately prepare the students for a subsequent professional career as managers or even within the field of personnel management in companies by way of a critically reflective impartation of the most important organizational approaches, strategies and tools in human resources.

In addition, in accordance with the idea of a humanistic education and personal development importance is explicitly attached to the fact in each teaching session that apart from the impartation of the respective subject-related contents even the acquisition of primary key competencies (working in teams, critical faculty, analytical ability, theoretically established analysis of complex practical problems, didactically conceived preparation of own presentations, etc.) has always to be ensured.

With the help of the students´ active involvement in empirical teaching research and practice projects (partly in cooperation with local companies) the students get valuable insights into the specifics of scientific work and, in addition, they are faced with the possibilities (but also problems) of transferring scientific insights into the organizational work in companies. Another key element of the teaching sessions offered is the regular organization of guest lectures or lecture series, in the course of which scientists from other institutions of higher education, but also representatives of companies and any other central institutions of the business life (employers´ associations, trade unions, etc.) report on their field of activity and, thus, give the students some valuable practical insights.