Vocational Specialisation Metals Technology

In the department of Vocational Specialisation Metals Technology research is carried out and training is provided in relation to the industrial and technical metal working occupations. This vocational subject can roughly be divided into two key areas: production engineering and supply engineering. Recognized trades such as industrial mechanics (Industriemechaniker/-in) or metal workers (Metallbauer/-in) fall within the first. The following recognized trades are included within supply engineering occupations: plumbing and heating installers (Anlagenmechaniker/-in für Sanitär-, Heizungs- und Klimatechnik) and refrigeration technology mechatronics (Mechatroniker/-in für Kältetechnik).

Biat researches/analyses the work in this vocational field and uses its findings to develop innovative concepts for vocational education and training to design working and technical environments that encourage learning. A current area of focus is an examination as to how work and technology has changed due to the increased use of renewable energies and an expanding network of production methods through the use of information technology.

Both projects are equipped with appropriate laboratories and workshops, so that subject-didactic topics can be studied. For example, in the production engineering division, work is carried out on CAD-systems, a robot and CNC machining centre and a rapid prototyping facility (3D printer). The supply engineering department is equipped with modern heating appliances and a solar thermal plant. In addition both departments are equipped with all required tools and training materials.


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