How much will it cost to live and to study in Flensburg?

Cost of Living

The cost of living is generally slightly lower than in major German cities. Students are recommended to budget for a minimum of 600,00 EUR to 700,00 EUR monthly, including rent. Breakfast, lunch and snacks are available in the main campus refectory (Mensa) open on weekdays from 8:30  to 4:00. The menu includes vegetarian dishes daily.

Cost of living in Flensburg

Initial one-off costs Cost in €
Transport from Hamburg (airport) to Flensburg  approx. 40,00 €
Accommodation deposit (will be refunded by the end of your stay) 350,00 €
Rent for September- October (if applicable) 500,00 € - 600,00 €
Enrolment Fee 25,00 €
Student Service, Busticket 259,00 €
Basics (bed linen, cutlery/china, toiletries) 50,00 €
Prepaid Sim Card                                                                        10,00 €
Approximate  monthly costs Cost in €
Rent - room in student halls of residence    or                                              250,00 € - 295,00 €
Private accommodation                                    
                                           220,00 € - 350,00 €
Food (minimum) 250,00 € - 300,00 €
Health Insurance (if required)                                                                            106,00 €
Mandatory fee for tv and radio 18,00 €

Additional costs may occur for

Travel within Germany, books and materials, leisure activities (sport, etc.)

The costs listed above are average cost, they may vary according to the individual lifestyle and do not include the cost of excursions and International Class.     

You find more information on living and studying in Flensburg here or generally in Germany here .

 Additional Costs

Additional  costs                                                                          Cost in €
Tuition Fee                                                                                          -

Cost of Excursions

(to be paid in advance)

500,00 €

Cost of International Class

(to be paid in advance)

1.200,00 - 1.400,00 €
Cost of Field Research                                                                                     see below

Tuition Fee:
The University of Flensburg does not charge tuition fees.

Enrolment and Semester Fee:
A non-recurring administration fee of 25,00 EUR has to be paid prior to enrolment. For each term you have to pay a semester fee of 259,00 EUR, which is a contribution for the students union and the students services (Studentenwerk). The "Studentenwerk" operates the students halls of residence and the refectories, where you can buy meals at a reduced price. The fee also includes a semester ticket covering public transport within the city of Flensburg for the duration of the semester.

Cost of Excursions:
During the first two semesters students will participate in several excursions. The total cost of these excursions is in the range of 500,- EUR.

Cost of International Class:
Participation in the compulsory 5-week "International Class" costs about 1.200,00 to 1.400,00 EUR, depending on the location and size of the students group. This includes all cost for transport, accommodation and food. During the time of the International Class you don't need accommodation in Flensburg.

Cost of Field research:
Students  have to conduct a 3-month field research to prepare their Master Thesis. This field research is usually conducted in a developing country. The cost of flight, local transport, accommodation and subsistence depend on the location.