Master Thesis 2021

  Project and risk management in wind farm construction     
  Techno-economic analysis of hydrogen production from hydroelectricity in Nepal    
  Impact of intermittent renewable energy technologies on the carbon footprint of the energy system in Costa Rica    
  Development of a high spatial and temporal resolution heat demand profile for Germany    
  Feasibility study and technic-economic analysis of possible introduction of decentralized hybrid renewable energy systems in Kazakhstan    
  Using the concept of dynamic line rating to facilitate the integration of variable renewable energy and to optimize the expansion of the German power grid    
  Long Term  Analysis of Cross-border Grid Interconnection for Planning of the South Asian Power System    
  Project feasibility and economic viability analysis of solar mini-grid system in a rural community of Nepal    
  The potential impact of power trade on the electricity sector of The Gambia    
  Building 100 % Renewable Energy and Resilience Strategy - A Case study of Sumbawa Regency (West Nusa Tenggara) Indonesia