Flensburg Renewable Energy Dialog -FRED : a monthly webinar series organized by EEM

Dear Alumni and Students,

We are happy to announce that our department is going to launch a regular webinar series on the topic related to renewable energy. We call it Flensburg Renewable Energy Dialog -FRED.  

The objective of this event is to enable networking for sharing knowledge and experience. The expected outcome is enhanced networking and cooperation among alumni, students and the department. 

Alumni are at the centre of this web event. You are welcome to contact us if you want to share your valuable knowledge and experience with other alumni and students.

Please fill out the form and send it to us if you are interested in sharing your knowledge and experience

We are looking forward to your participation and cooperation.

Upcoming FRED

Topic and the date for the upcoming webinars will be announced soon

Past FREDs

FRED 1:  Carbon Pricing and Climate Policy  (25.05.2022)

FRED 2: Energy Efficiency opportunities in MSME’s (28.06.2022) (Password: 9rM5BJMp)

FRED 3: Carbon Footprint for Cities and How to Calcualte it? (24.08.2022) (Password:7McyCRSg)

FRED 4: COVID Impact on Wind Industry (30.09.2022) (Password: NtwzeAG4)

FRED 5: Developing Bankable Energy Projects (11.11.2022) (Password: MuwpgDp3)

FRED 6: The Anthropocene and the construction of resilience in Social-Ecological Systems (16.12.2022) (Password:dE73rmHy)

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