Intake 2024

Deadlines and Time Schedule for international applicants for the EEM MEng (Specialisation Developing Countries) Intake 2024 - 2026

(Deadlines for German Applicants are the same as for the specialisation branch "Industrialised countries", if you hold a German citizenship please refer to

DAAD Scholarship application schedule

Deadline for registration for Admission and DAAD Scholarship for Course 2024/2026 31/07/2023 at Flensburg University
Final-Application (all in one pdf to be sent to for admission and DAAD Scholarship for Course 2024/2026 31/08/2023 at Flensburg University

Decision on admission with scholarship is made after consultations with the DAAD and can be expected in December 2023

Announcement of shortlist for admission with scholarship in January 2024

Deadline for registration for admission without DAAD scholarship 10/12/2023 at Flensburg University 
Final application for admission without DAAD Scholarship 31/12/2023 at Flensburg University
Announcement of shortlist for admission for self financed students in March 2024    
Beginning of Pre-semester, preparation course in economics for engineers 01/09/2024 at Flensburg University
Beginning of EEM MEng Course 2025/2026 01/03/2025 at Flensburg University
End of EEM MEng Course 2025/2026 31/08/2026  

Course Structure

Tentative dates for visa applications, accommodation etc.

Please find details on the program here

Pre-semester 1/09/2024
1st Semester 1/03/2025
2nd Semester 1/09/ 2025
International Class February 2026
End of program September 2026