Alumni Survey of the Europa-Universität Flensburg

The EUF considers feedback from graduates to be an important source for adapting the study conditions to the needs of the students. The information gained from the surveys offers a variety of possible uses for university development and improving services offered by the university and its facilities.
The surveys are thus an important source of information for obtaining answers to the questions, such as:

  •     In which occupations and fields of activity do graduates become active?
  •     What are the incomes, working and contract periods of today's graduates?
  •     Does the professional activity match the study content?
  •     How do graduates assess their studies in retrospect?
  •     How much is studying abroad an implemented element of studying at the EUF?

The collected data are an important indicator of the quality of higher education. Accreditation agencies demand that graduate studies be carried out at higher education institutions, to check the appropriateness of curricula, the range of study programms, needs orientation, proximity and relevance to real-life situations and problems.  
In the context of graduate studies, the EUF participates in the nationwide cooperation project Graduate Studies (KOAB) under the coordination of the Institute for Applied Statistics.

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