Europa-Universität Flensburg (EUF) is located on the Flensburg Fjord in the heart of Sønderjylland, along the German-Danish border region. The university’s approximately 6,500 students share the invitingly green campus with students from the nearby University of Applied Sciences.

About the campus

The city

The port city of Flensburg is situated close to the North Sea and directly on the Baltic Sea. Here, the harbor serves as the hub of urban life, a meeting point, and a starting point for adventure. Here, a forest of masts from historic and modern sailboats sway alongside steamers, tugboats, and a few fishing vessels. Flensburg’s nearly 100,000 residents are cosmopolitan. The city, which belonged to Denmark for centuries, is home to a large Danish minority and people from over 150 countries. Largely spared the destruction of World War II, Flensburg boasts numerous Art Nouveau buildings and former captains' houses, offering lots of options for beautiful, affordable apartments. Cafés, cultural venues, workshops, and pubs invite one to linger in the historic merchants' courtyards. The region is shaped by the wind, beaches, and its two seas. Beach walks, surfing trips, sailing excursions, and beach parties are part of the local lifestyle.

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