Experimental History of Science

The historical laboratory ("HistoLab") is the central place for our focus history of physics. Besides to a number of historically precise reconstructions of measureing apparatuses we also hold a few original instruments. 

The list of exhibits comprises a large Camera Obscura, a Voltaic Pile, Goethe's Water Prism, Coulomb's Torsion Balance and Millikan's Oil Droplet Apparatus. Among the originals are a Sextant from the 1940s and a Camera Lucida.

Our collection does not serve as a museum, it is not designed to only look at the instruments. The HistoLab is a place of trial and error as well as experimental research. We invite you to browse through our pages and get information on our exhibits.

HistoLab can of course be visited by individuals and groups. Please refer to histolab-PleaseRemoveIncludingDashes-@uni-flensburg.de to make an appointment.