The EUF Foundation

In 1983 residents, representatives, companies and associations from the city of Flensburg and its surrounding region, as well as representatives of Europa-Universität Flensburg, (then called Flensburg University) came together to found a non-profit organization.

The EUF Foundation has the following goals:

  • To establish a living link between residents of our region and the university.
  • To organize events to that end.
  • To help the university and its students achieve their educational, academic and cultural goals.

The Foundation supports projects and initiatives that either serve its overall mission in an effective public manner, or for which such financial support is vital to the project’s existence or its appropriate implementation. Such initiatives include those that

  • Promote academic life at EUF,
  • Support EUF publications,
  • Facilitate contact between EUF lecturers and interested organizations and institutions.

The EUF Foundation also strives to strengthen EUF’s position in current social and educational processes.

The Foundation funds these initiatives through membership fees, donations and other contributions. Foundation members currently pay a minimum annual membership fee of € 30.00 (individual) and € 75.00 (corporate). All fees and charitable contributions are tax-deductible; donor receipts are always issued for these.

The EUF Foundation is open to anyone who wishes to support Europa-Universität Flensburg and its interests through charitable contributions, financial gifts, or any other means.