Prof. Dr.Emanuel Deutschmann

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Picture of Emanuel Deutschmann


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Seminar für Soziologie


No Title Type Semester
5310s11k Kultur und sozialer Wandel Seminar Spring semester 2024
543049k Social Practice and Culture in Europe Seminar Spring semester 2024

Academic Positions


09.2021 –

Assistant Professor, Sociological Theory with a Focus on Conflict Research in the European Context, Europa-Universität Flensburg

02.2019 –

External Collaborator and MPC Associate, Migration Policy Centre, European University Institute

02.2019 – 08.2021

Senior Lecturer (Akademischer Rat), Institute of Sociology, University of Göttingen

09.2018 –11.2018

Visiting Scientist, Demography, Migration and Governance Unit of the Directorate E – "Space, Security and Migration," Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, Ispra

02.2018 –01.2019

Postdoctoral Research Associate, Global Mobilities Project, Migration Policy Centre, Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, European University Institute

03.2015 – 05.2015

Visitor, Global Systemic Risk research community, Princeton University

09.2015 –01.2018

Research Associate & Lecturer, Chair of Macrosociology (Prof. Jan Delhey), Uni Magdeburg

09.2012 –08.2015

Research Associate in the DFG-funded project "The New Europeans: Cross-Border Interactions and Transnational Identities," Jacobs University Bremen (PI: Jan Delhey)





PhD in Sociology (with distinction), Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences, Jacobs University and University of Bremen


MSc in Sociology, Nuffield College, University of Oxford


BSc in Social Sciences, University of Cologne

Monographs & Edited Volumes

Deutschmann, E. forthcoming. Mapping the Transnational World: How We Move and Communicate Across Borders, and Why It Matters. Princeton & Oxford: Princeton University Press.

Delhey, J., E. Deutschmann, M. Verbalyte & A. Aplowski. 2020. Netzwerk Europa: Wie ein Kontinent durch Mobilität und Kommunikation zusammenwächst. Wiesbaden: Springer VS.

Deutschmann, E., J. Lorenz, L.G. Nardin, D. Natalini & A.F.X. Wilhelm (eds). 2019. Computational Conflict Research. Computational Social Sciences. Cham: Springer. (Paperback Edition 2020)

Articles in Peer-Reviewed Journals       

Recchi, E., E. Deutschmann, L. Gabrielli & N. Kholmatova. 2021. The Global Visa Cost Divide: How and Why the Price for Travel Permits Varies Worldwide. Political Geography 86: 1–14.

Deutschmann, E., E. Recchi & F. Bicchi. 2021. Mobility Hub or Hollow? Cross-border Travelling in the Mediterranean, 1995–2016. Global Networks 21(1): 146–69.

Deutschmann, E. 2020. Visualizing the Regionalized Structure of Mobility between Countries Worldwide. Socius 6: 1–3.

Gabrielli, L., E. Deutschmann, E. Recchi, F. Natale & M. Vespe. 2019. Dissecting Global Air Traffic Data to Discern Different Types and Trends of Transnational Human Mobility. EPJ Data Science 8(26): 1–24.

Deutschmann, E. 2019. Regionalization and Globalization in Networks of Transnational Human Mobility, 1960–2010. Società Mutamento Politica 10(20): 137–52.

Minkus, L., E. Deutschmann & J. Delhey. 2019. A Trump Effect on the EU’s Popularity? The U.S. Presidential Election as a Natural Experiment. Perspectives on Politics 17(2): 399–416.

Deutschmann, E., J. Delhey, M. Verbalyte & A. Aplowski. 2018. The Power of Contact: Europe as a Network of Transnational Attachment. European Journal of Political Research 57(4): 963–88.

Deutschmann, E. & L. Minkus. 2018. Swinging Leftward: Public Opinion on Economic and Political Integration in Latin America, 1997–2010. Latin American Research Review 53(1): 38–56.

Holtz, P., E. Deutschmann & H. Dobewall. 2017. Cross-Cultural Psychology and the Rise of Academic Capitalism: Linguistic Changes in CCR and JCCP Articles, 1970–2014. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology 48(9): 1410–31.

Deutschmann, E. 2016. The Spatial Structure of Transnational Human Activity. Social Science Research 59 (Special Issue on Big Data in the Social Sciences): 120–36.

Deutschmann, E. 2016. Between Collaboration and Disobedience: The Behavior of the Guantánamo Detainees and its Consequences. Journal of Conflict Resolution 60(3): 555–82.

Delhey, J. & E. Deutschmann. 2016. On the Europeanization of Actions and Attitudes: A Macrosociological Comparison of the EU Member States. Berliner Journal für Soziologie 26(1): 7–33.

Delhey, J., E. Deutschmann & K. Cîrlănaru. 2015. Between ‘Class Project’ and Individualization: The Stratification of Europeans’ Transnational Activities. International Sociology 30(3): 269–93.

Delhey, J., E. Deutschmann, T. Graf & K. Richter. 2014. Measuring the Europeanization of Everyday Life: Three New Indices and an Empirical Application. European Societies 16(3): 355–77.

Book Chapters

Deutschmann, E. & E. Recchi. forthcoming. Europeanization via Transnational Mobility and Migration. In: M. Eigmüller, S. Büttner & S. Worschech (eds) Sociology of Europeanization. Berlin: De Gruyter Oldenbourg.

Deutschmann, E., J. Lorenz & L.G. Nardin. 2019. Advancing Conflict Research through Computational Approaches. In: E. Deutschmann et al. (eds) Computational Conflict Research, Cham: Springer, pp. 1–19.

Delhey, J., M. Verbalyte, A. Aplowski & E. Deutschmann. 2019. Free to Move: The Evolution of the European Migration Network, 1960–2017. In: M. Heidenreich (ed) Horizontal Europeanisation: The Transnationalisation of Daily Life and Social Fields in Europe, New York: Routledge, pp. 63–88.

Teney, C. & E. Deutschmann. 2018. Transnational Social Practices: A Quantitative Perspective. In: R. Scott & M. Buchmann (eds) Emerging Trends in the Social and Behavioral Sciences, Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.

Research Topics

  • Transnational mobility and communication
  • Regional and global integration
  • Social networks
  • Sociological theory
  • Sociology of Europe
  • Social inequality and conflict