Frequently asked questions - FAQ


The NC (numerus clausus) is not determined in advance, but is recalculated each semester from the grade point average of the applications received. In this process, the last of the applicants still admitted determines the NC grade.

Internships and semesters abroad are possible at any time. However, there is no mandatory semester abroad.

We recommend that Bachelor students on the International Management - Business Administration program spend a semester abroad in the 5th semester. 

The International Center can help you with the organization. Here you can find information about studying abroad.

For the study program B.A. International Management - Business Administration the lecture periods already start in September (fall semester) or March (spring semester). The International Institute for Management and Economic Education has adapted to the usual international semester times with this early start of studies. This change simplifies international cooperation with partner universities. The main advantage is that a stay abroad can be better integrated into the course of studies.

The adjustment of the lecture times has also facilitated cooperation with Syddansk Universitet (SDU): Those who choose the Danish language branch attend courses directly at SDU in Sønderborg (DK) on two days of the week.

For the B.A. International Management - Business Administration program, the lecture periods [20238] begin as early as September (fall semester) and March (spring semester). The language intensive courses in Danish and Spanish start already in the last week of August. 

Admission to the study program:

Immediately after the application deadline, the selection procedure (main procedure) takes place and all applicants who have been considered receive the admission notification by e-mail. In this e-mail, the further procedure will be explained to you and you will receive information on how to register for the intensive language courses.
Within a few days (!) you must then confirm acceptance of your place at the Admissions Office by e-mail. 
The very short sequence of admission and study place acceptance is necessary because the language courses already take place at the end of August and the lectures start in September.

Housing search:

Due to the early start of your studies, you will have to look for an apartment (WG room, dormitory place, etc.) promptly after acceptance of your study place. You can find more information about finding an apartment in Flensburg under the question "How do I find an apartment?".

No tuition fees are charged, but a semester fee (for Mensa, AStA and the semester ticket) of currently 100.00 euros per semester and a registration fee of currently 25.00 euros (one-time fee upon admission to studies).

The housing market in Flensburg is comparatively relaxed - compared to other university towns.

You can find out everything about the dormitory rooms of the Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein in Flensburg on the internet pages of the Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein at: There you will also find the application for a dormitory room.

You can find WG rooms in Flensburg on the

You can also find rental requests and offers of apartments, rooms as well as shared apartments on the homepage of the AStA (Allgemeiner StudierendenAusschuss) of the Europa-Universität Flensburg as well as on the bulletin board of the AStA.

Housing offers are also available in various Flensburg newspapers:

B.A. International Management - BWL

First, so-called preliminary quotas are formed:

  • Foreigners from non-EU countries (8%),
  • Hardship cases (2%),
  • Second degree students (3%),
  • top athletes (2%)

Applicants who belong to this group of persons are admitted in advance.

Of the places still available afterwards

  • 20% exclusively according to waiting time (waiting semesters) and
  • 80% according to performance (Abitur grade)


The lectures in the Bachelor's program "International Management - BWL" are held in German and in English. In accordance with the Study qualification statutes of the European University Flensburg, the study program B.A. International Management - BWL requires a good knowledge of the English language (level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference) as well as proof of basic knowledge of Danish or Spanish. Applicants who do not have a German-language Abitur or a German-language university degree must also submit proof of good German language skills with their application.

You can find the specific information on the language requirements here under "Additional qualifications".

Yes, you can apply to the program without prior knowledge of Danish or Spanish.

If you get a place in the Danish language branch, you have to participate in a language intensive course before the start of your studies, which ends with a 2-hour test.

In the Spanish language branch, you can still prove the required Spanish knowledge at level A2 until the end of the second semester. For this purpose, an intensive language course is also offered before the beginning of the first semester, which ends with an A2 level test.

You will be informed about the registration modalities for the respective intensive language course in your letter of admission.

M.A. International Management Studies - BWL

The lectures in the Master "International Management Studies - BWL" are held in German and in English.

The study program M.A. International Management Studies - BWL requires German and English language skills according to the statute on the proof of foreign language skills or of a practical activity according to the study qualification statute of the European University Flensburg.

You can find the specific information on the language requirements here [12253] under "Additional qualifications".

No, the intensive course is aimed at the students of the Bachelor's program B.A. International Management - Business Administration. Bachelor students receive language training in their chosen major during their studies. At the end of the three-year Bachelor's program, the B2 level is reached. If you have not reached this level by the end of your bachelor's program, choose the English language concentration.

Can I apply for the Master's degree even if I do not meet the admission requirements?

Yes. If you only partially fulfill the admission requirements (see corresponding tab here), you may be admitted with conditions. You will then have to make up courses from the Bachelor's program "International Management - Business Administration" at the EUF. 

If you would like to continue your studies at the Europa-Universität Flensburg after completing the Bachelor's program International Management - BWL, you do not have to exmatriculate. 

For all applicants from other universities, the following applies: You must exmatriculate after completing your Bachelor's program. According to the Higher Education Act, it is not possible to be enrolled at two universities at the same time.

Yes. Even if you do not yet have your Bachelor's degree certificate, it is possible to apply with a current overview of grades, which includes the average grade of the courses you have already completed. Admission will then be granted subject to the condition that your Bachelor's certificate is submitted by the beginning of the semester at the latest.

To study the master's degree in cooperation with SDU and earn both degrees, you must meet the admission requirements of both universities.

You first apply to only one of the two universities for a place in the respective master's program. The normal application deadline at SDU is 01.02 for non-EU citizens and 01.03 of the respective year for EU citizens (start of studies each fall semester). The regular application period at EUF is between 15.05 and 15.07.

If possible, it is recommended to apply at SDU first. After a successful application process, you will be given the opportunity to additionally enroll at EUF and thus be able to study at both universities. 

If the application period at SDU has already expired, you can regularly apply for a place in the M.A. International Management Studies during the application period at EUF. If there are remaining places at SDU and you meet the requirements for the Danish program, you can then enroll at SDU to take the double master.