Important: Please apply by 10.01. or 14.08.!

If you want to write your theses with us you first have to apply until 10.01. or 14.08. of the year. This application should contain the following information:

    • A copy of your Bachelor Diploma (master students)
    • A list of all completed bachelor/master courses with grades (transcript of records).
    • You should have completed either the specialisation Strategy & Organisation (S2) or Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management (S1) 
    • You must have participated in and passed the "Forschungsseminar" and/or the "Distance Learning Project on Cooperation" with a good grade at least (Master)
    • You must have participated in and passed "BWL 3: Organisation" or "International Strategic Management" with a good grade at least (Bachelor)
    • Indication if you have chosen a double degree
    • A description of your topic, scientific problem and research question: 2 page composition concerning the chosen topic as well as a first approach to the processing of your topic, a rough draft of the thesis and a first literature survey. Questions concerning these issues should be cleared in advance during regular office hours.
    • A short CV.

Apply now:

Please use the following form to apply only.