Educational Sciences with a focus on Childhood and Youth Research

Educational Sciences with a focus on Childhood and Youth Research at Europa-Universität Flensburg pursues theoretical approaches to socialisation and education. The focus in research and teaching is mainly on childhood and youth studies with a reference to educational systems. These studies are based on a connection of socio-theoretical and profession-theoretical questions. The questions of how socialisation works within the family, in and outside school and what the specific conditions are to achieve educational professionalism are dealt with systematically, reconstructing cases and making comparative cultural studies. Based on a structured theoretical approach, an objective-hermeneutic method and an ethnographic method are combined.

By applying a research-oriented approach and reconstructing cases, the unity of research and teaching is observed. By offering learning research seminars on a regular basis, students become familiar with the practical and logical questions of research.

In the context of teacher training case-related studying is particularly important. From an academic teaching methods' perspective case-related studying promises an education that is both related and relevant to practice whilst simultaneously meeting academic requirements.  The casuistic orientation of the teacher training programme lectures insofar follows the approach of practical relevance based on research.