Headerbild zu der Tagung Levinas and the real
Headerbild zu der Tagung Levinas and the real

Levinas and the Real: Politics, Community, Religion

Prof. Dr. Annabel Herzog (University of Haifa) and Dr. Pascal Delhom (EUF, Philosophy Department) organise an international scientific event on the topic: "Levinas and the Real: Politics, Community, Religion".

The conference will bring together Levinas scholars working and writing in different linguistic spheres and academic disciplines and promote new interpretations of Emmanuel Levinas’s philosophy, which insist on its relevance in social-political empirical situations and, hence, emphasize its importance for a philosophical discourse that deals with practical situations, among others through a specific understanding of the idea of Europe, judaism, and peace. The conference is organised in cooperation with ICES and funded by the DFG.

Program and time schedule, July 4th to July 6th 2022

Monday, July 4th 2022

The conference will take place in the building Helsinki (HEL), Room 066

10:00 Welcome to participants  
10:30 Introduction Annabel Herzog, Pascal Delhom
Section I: Liberalism and Politics
11:00 The ‘’Pathetic of Liberalism’’ (TI) and the Dignity of Politics Jean-François Rey
11:20 - 11:40 Discussion  
Section II: Religious and Interreligious Thought
12:00 The Other and the Third in Interreligious Thought Barbara U. Meyer
12:20 Levinas, Nietzsche, and the Definition of Christianity Paul Davies
12:40 – 13:10 Discussion  
13:20 Lunch at the University  
Section III: Jewish Thought and Politics
15:00 Levinas and Maimonides on "le Tiers" Zeev Harvey
15:20 Levinas's and Ghandi's Views on Zionism Ephraim Meir
15:40 – 16:10 Discussion  
Public presentation in the frame of "Philosophie Mittenmang".
18:00 Levinas and the Subject at the Service of the System Robert Bernasconi
20:00 Dinner downtown  

Tuesday, July 5th 2022

The conference will take place in the building Helsinki (HEL), Room 063

Section IV: Between Ethics and Politics
10:00 The Magdalene Penitents, Reparations, and the Limits of Forgiveness Claire Katz
10:20 Levinas and Derrida on Sovereignty and Hospitality Annabel Herzog
10:40 – 11:10 Discussion  
11:40 Beyond Consensualism and Polemology: Levinas’s Responsive Idea of the Political Sergej Seitz
12:00 The Problem of Ideal Theory: A Levinasian Approach to Rawls and Race Martin Kavka
12:20 – 12:50 Discussion  
13:00 Lunch at the University  
Section V: Talmudic Readings
14:20 The Third and Civil Unrest: Levinas’s Talmud in Dialogue with the 1960s. Oona Eisenstadt
14:40 Levinas's Talmudic Readings: A way to Radicalize Political Thinking Hanoch Ben Pazi
15:00 – 15:30 Discussion  
Zoom Presentation
16:00 Experiencing Film with Levinas: Reflections on Two Days, One Night by the Dardenne Brothers. Michael Morgan
16:20 – 16:50 Discussion  
  Free time  
19:30 Dinner downtown  

Wednesday, July 6th 2022

The conference will take place in the building Helsinki, Room 063

Section VI: Levinas in European Context (organized in Cooperation with the ICES)
10:30 Levinas from migrations and captivity to the liberative figure of the other Cedric Cohen Scalli
10:50 The Peace of Europe between reason and bad conscience Pascal Delhom
12:20 – 12:50 Discussion  
13:00 Lunch at the University  

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