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Getting around in Flensburg

1. Bus

Flensburg is well connected by bus. You can purchase tickets on the bus itself or you can go to the Aktiv Bus physical shop. More information, including bus routes ("Fahrplan") and ticket types ("Fahrkarten") can be found here: 

More transportation links: The following links are also helpful if you want more information about getting around Flensburg and Schleswig-Holstein:

2. Car

Having a car in Flensburg can be very useful, especially if you don’t live in the city centre or if the infrequent bus schedule does not work with your daily life. If you want to drive a car in Germany, you will need a driving licensce that is valid in Germany. The driving licensce from your home country will be valid for six months, so you must change over within that time by going to the Führerscheinstelle. You will need to relinquish the license from your home country, so there might be a couple of weeks where you are without your license (be warned), and pay a small fee (25-30 euros). You can find more information about converting your license  Afterwards, you will need to convert it into a German licence.on the BMDV website (where you can also find a factsheet about driving in Germany.