Moving to Germany - Planning your relocation to Flensburg

Relocating to Flensburg | Checklist of most important documents

It is important that you prepare the following aspects before your departure to Flensburg. We have put together an overview of the key points to consider. We would also be happy to offer further help.

  • Visa/entry requirements

The visa application can be time consuming. Thus, we suggest you to look into this matter as early as possible. You must apply for a visa from a German diplomatic representation in your home country or from a country you are currently living in before you plan to enter Germany. Immigration regulations in Germany are complex and you may need to jump a few bureaucratic hoops to live and work in Flensburg. The website of the Federal For­eign Office offers answers to all questions you may have about entering Germany. Checklist Visa Application

  • Health insurance

In Germany, you have to pay for health insurance and you are required to have valid health insurance and  y. You must have it from the day you arrive. You will need to choose between public and private insurance. This website provides a good overview of how healthcare works in Germany and will help you make an informed decision about which coverage is the most appropriate one for you. Please check in time which insurance cover will be necessary for you. When you sign your contract, you will need to provide your health insurance information, so figuring this out is a priority.

  • Finding accommodation

Finding suitable accommodation in Flensburg can be a difficult process and requires patience. You should start looking for accommodation ahead of time. Some possible resources for finding different types of accommodation include:,, or you could consider a shared living website such as

  • Driving licence

If you want to drive a car in Germany, you will need a driving licence that is valid in Germany. The driving licence from your home country will be valid for six months. Afterwards, you will need to convert it into a German licence.

  • Important documents

We recommend you to bring certified copies of important documents or the original itself along with you (including certified translation if applicable).

  • Travelling to Flensburg

Make sure to inform your contact person at the faculty level and the International Centre about your flight schedule and time of arrival. The nearest international airport is Hamburg Airport, 2 hours from Flensburg. Otherwise, you need to take a train from the main station in Hamburg to Flensburg.

  • Credit/debit card

For your first days in Germany, you may need an international credit/debit card to withdraw money — make sure it will work in Germany. Otherwise, make sure you have enough cash to cover your expenses during your first few days in Flensburg.

  • Proof of funding for your stay

Required for visa or residence permit applications (e.g. employment contract, salary slip, scholarship certificate).

  • University entrance qualification (original copy and certified English/German translation if applicable).

This is required for enrolling as a doctoral student or  for ensigning an employment contract.

  • Degree certificates (original copies and certified English/German translations if applicable).

This is required for enrolling as a doctoral student or when signing an employment contract.