The International Staff Network at EUF

The International Staff Network at EUF is a group of international staff members.

Priorities are given to

  • welcoming and, where possible, assisting new international staff,
  • providing a social environment for the exchange of experiences and ideal,
  • offering members of the network a voice in the university’s internationalisation process.

We are a network that offers support and are very open to all questions and suggestions from the international staff. 

Come meet us!

Our meeting dates in the Spring Semester will take place over Webex from 3-4pm.

We invite you to our next meeting: 

 Wednesday, 8 June @ 3-4 p.m. via WebEx

Please contact us for more information or if you have any questions! Please also feel free to check out our International Staff Network Webex Space:=> webexteams://im?space=358118e0-8b45-11ec-a78c-ef7092ace1c9

Members of the Executive:

Michelle Witen (

Marita McGrory (

Jonathan Mole (

Kathrin Rheinländer (