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Leanne York is a teacher and is interested in contemporary issues affecting young people such as cyberbullying and sexting.  She is currently a third year full-time PhD student at Queen’s University Belfast.  Leanne's PhD research is focusing on the nature of sexting amongst young people in Northern Ireland and explores how young people manage and view sexting.

The Nature of Sexting Amongst Post-Primary Pupils in Northern Ireland

This study focuses on the nature of sexting amongst young people in Northern Ireland. There is, as yet, very little qualitative research that explores how young people understand sexting.  To fill this gap, interviews were conducted with four stakeholder organisations who assist schools in the delivery of Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) and with pastoral care co-ordinators in three post-primary (secondary) schools to ascertain how their school is responding to sexting issues. Focus group interviews were also conducted with seventeen (ten girls and seven boys) 15-17 year olds to find out their views and attitudes towards sexting. The main finding is that girls will pressure boys for a picture and there is, to a certain degree, objectification of girls and, in some cases, of boys.

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