The World Book of Hope

Hopeful minds are happy minds.

Leo Bormans and Lannoo publishers recently released an English version of The World Book of Hope - The source of happiness, success & strength as their third volume, following The World Book of Happiness and The World Book of Love.

In the book, the expertise of 100 researchers is each put in a nutshell. Academics and other experts (including Kofi Annan and Martha Nussbaum) from over 50 countries share their knowledge of what is claimed to be "the engine of action" and even "the ultimate source of success, resilience and happiness". The book and its contributions aim at reinforcing the world's people, teaching them about a concept of which we only know little, and telling us that we can take control of our lives. One of the contributions is from Dr. Alan Piper entitled "Fear of the future", initially based on a working paper.

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Dr. Piper's working paper can be found here: Zukunftsangst! Fear of (and hope for) the future and its impact on life satisfaction