New journal article

We announce another international, peer reviewed journal article produced by our department. Dr. Alan Piper’s investigation of the reported closing of the gender gap in Nicaragua, perhaps the most remarkable finding of the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Index so far, will be published in Social Indicators Research. The article is available here.

The abstract from the published version is as follows:

For the last five years, the World Economic Forum’s annual Global Gender Gap Index has been reporting that Nicaragua is one of the most gender equal countries in the world. This is the culmination of a remarkable increase in gender equality in Nicaragua during the past decade, charted by the same index. This paper discusses the Index and the Nicaraguan context and then refers to the results of several waves of the Latinobarometer to investigate whether the change in gender equality has affected Nicaraguans’ (and particularly Nicaraguan women’s) perceptions of their lives. The underlying question is therefore whether satisfaction with life, and opinions about gender equality have, for Nicaraguans, altered between the period when Nicaragua was placed low on the gender equality ranking to when it had attained a high rating on the index just a few years later. The findings, which come from ordered probit regression analysis, reveal slight evidence of improvements over this time period and emphasise the importance of economic fundamentals.

Temporarily, the full version of the article is freely available via this link.

Other research from Dr. Alan Piper can be accessed via his Research Gate page.