Introducing sneep

With all of the new and returning students, we want to take this opportunity to inform you about this student-led organization, active across Germany and Switzerland. Standing for student network for ethics in economics and practice, sneep is of interest to international management students because it stimulates the critical discourse about ethics both in theory and in practice, that is in science, politics and business. Flensburg has a local group of students both from the EUF and the HS. In the last year they have, for instance, organized movie nights with discussions, offered a workshop for up-cycling, raised awareness for the amount of waste caused by coffee cups, and raised funds for social projects by selling Glühwein. 

About the experience of being a sneep member, Tobias Halfpaap said:

"Being part of this network is a great opportunity to expand one’s horizon. Discussing problems with a group of interdisciplinary students, organizing events for others and meeting new people is valuable and has a great impact on personal development. Everyone is welcome to share the sneep spirit. The local group in Flensburg is the ideal entry point into this network, offering you a variety of opportunities to make an impact. Step by step you will discover that sneep is much more than just a group of Flensburg students. The whole network meets twice a year in different cities for their conferences which are full of fabulous people, interesting thoughts, inspiring stories, great presentations and a lot of fun. Also, the network has some nation-wide working groups. I am, for instance, part of the sneep consulting team. By consulting SMEs and especially start-ups, we fulfill one of the fundamental aims of the network: To bring a bit more of ethics into business practice. Whatever your interests and skills are, sneep will offer something you like."

There is a meeting in Dock 1 (near the Audimax) tomorrow (September 27) at 18:30, and everyone is welcome. Furthermore, current information is always available via the sneep Flensburg facebook page. Information about the whole network can be found on their website.