Gender (In)equality and the Life Course

Prof. Dr. Gerd Groezinger and Dr. Alan Piper have an article about gender equality across the lifespan published in the current issue (April 2019) of Wirtschaftsdienst. Its abstract is as follows:

This short article considers gender inequality through the prism of reported life satisfaction over the whole life cycle. Life satisfaction, an individual's global evaluation of their life, is a well-understood concept, oft-investigated and can be considered an output measure. We are thereby answering four basic questions: (1) is SWB for men and women significantly different, (2) do we see gender difference movements over time, (3) are there regional variances and (4) are the patterns by age different? Overall, and using thirty years of representative German data, we find little evidence of gender inequality in SWB. But there are surprising disparities in certain age classes and we offer reasons for those. This simple, unconditional, age neutralised analysis offers a different perspective to the more typical econometric analyses and has wider applications, for example in a consideration of other issues of inequality and inter-group comparisons.

The full article is available here.