External Research Presentation

On October 11th at 12:30 pm Dr. Alan Piper will present an updated version of his research (joint with Dr. Ian Jackson, Wolverhampton University, UK) on the Empty Nest Syndrome at the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW) in Berlin.

The working paper, which the presentation will update, is titled "She's leaving home: a large sample investigation of the empty nest syndrome". Its abstract is as follows:

This study considers life satisfaction in relation to the empty nest syndrome, which is a situation where there are feelings of loss or loneliness for mothers and/or fathers following the departure of the last child from the parental home.  In particular, the investigation considers the significance of Identity Economics when applied to parents experiencing a reduction in well-being following an extended period of child-rearing.  The origins of the empty nest syndrome are first considered briefly before conducting an economic analysis of life satisfaction using the German Socio-Economic Panel.  Our particular focus is the change in the subjective well-being of the individuals who become empty nesters, taking advantage of the richness of this dataset.  As a result, this is the first large sample economic analysis of its kind to use identity to evaluate the effects of becoming "empty nest" parents in a systematic way.

The full text is available here