Selected Poetry of Derek Mahon (1941) in German Translation

Reference texts: Derek Mahon, Selected Poems (1990) and Collected Poems (1999). This subsidiary poem translation project features selected texts in German translation from the Anglo-Irish. It grew out of a fortnightly sequence of research seminars at Uni Flensburg under the title ‘Linguistics as a Means to interpret Literary Texts’ and organised by Prof. Dr. Hartwig Eckert. A collection of all poem translations into German stemming from most of the early period and all of the middle period up to 1999 of Mahon’s writing career have been archived. Some versions have also been deployed in two Dipl. KSM seminars, two BA colloquia and two Master KSM projects. Literal and Creative Translation: U. Bischoff, G. Parker, i.a.


Derek Mahon, german
01.01.2008 - 31.12.2012
Institutionen der EUF
Department of English and American Studies, Institute of Language, Literature and Media