David Hume’s Treatise of Human Nature as Unfinished Project of Modernity

Hume’s Unwritten Treatises: The Form and Scope of Treatises IV and V.
The architectonic shape and structure of Hume’s first three volumes of the Treatise (five in all were intended) leads to the natural conclusion that materials projected for two further volumes were not given up, but were restated in later works, albeit in different styles, genres and media. Post-Treatise writings include i.a. essays, recapitulations in more compact, revised argumentation, demography, society and economy, aesthetics and the rise of the arts and sciences, historiography, etc. Discoveries of previously unknown MS and anonymous writings by Hume have appeared in the past 30 years. Investigating the architectural patterns of the existing Treatise provide a key to Hume’s thematic interests which lead in outline, structure and in content to the two unwritten texts. Approaches: Archival research (C.18th), stylistics, architectonics, structures, thematic complexes.


David Hume, Modernity
01.01.2008 - laufend
Institutionen der EUF
Department of English and American Studies, Institute of Language, Literature and Media


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