The Flensburg University Student Experience (Fuse)

This databank provides information about activities that are available for students at the Europa-Universität Flensburg. It contains names, links and contact information so that the students can search through and find activities that they are interested in. Furthermore, much of the activities can be seen from different perspectives - so that they interlink. When you, as a student are looking to see what is on offer, you may decide that you would like to do some voluntary work, this will inevitably link with personal development, which is why there are links between each of the categories and activities.

The idea of the fuse is that, by you being in a club, community or extracurricular activity this activity will envigorate you and your environment. It provides a space, allowing you to develop according to what you want for you. All of which contributes to your experience in Flensburg, and your skill set. Also, the support networks will help prevent any short fuses!


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