A Long and Proud History of Cooperation

New contract between EUF and SDU sets the course for further successful German-Danish university cooperation.

The President of Europa-Universität Flensburg, Prof. Dr. Werner Reinhart, and the Dean of the Faculty of Arts at Syddansk Universitet, Prof. Dr. Simon Møberg Torp, have today (25.6) signed a new cooperation contract between both universities. The contract provides the basis for both continuity and the further development of cross-border programs in Management Studies. The academic leader of the programs, Prof. Dr. Susanne Royer, is pleased that "with this contract, our successful cooperation of more than 20 years has been placed on a new foundation". The International Institute of Management and Economic Education at Europa-Universität Flensburg has cooperated in research and teaching since 1992 with Syddansk Universitet. Their Bachelor and Master programs are unique within Europe. "What makes them special is less the double degree in itself, than the mutual and lively cross-border organization of studies. Students spend half their week in Sønderborg, the other half in Flensburg. Final theses are assessed by both a German and a Danish lecturer", explains Heiner Dunckel, spokesman of the International Institute of Management and Economic Education.

Dr. Simon Møberg Torp elaborates on the uniqueness: "There is a long and proud history of cross-border cooperation between our two universities. With our joined efforts we facilitate the education of graduates whose academic and intercultural competencies are of great value to our two societies at large – also outside the border region."

The joint study programs combine studies in economics with social and cultural contents, studies in regional economics (Denmark/Scandinavia or Spain/South America) as well as appropriate expertise in languages. In the Master program European Studies, students from all over the world engage with European themes from an interdisciplinary perspective (e.g. legal, cultural, social, economic and political theories).

"European integration, globalization, migration: all over the world national and cultural boundaries are falling. These developments are being taken up by the international orientation of our study programs", Prof. Dr. Werner Reinhart concludes. "In this context the specific situation within the border region is a stroke of luck. Academic cooperation with Denmark, especially with the SDU Campus Sønderborg, provides a foundation for Europa-Universität Flensburg. We are proud of this cooperation of more than 20 years and appreciate the value of mutual trust."

They signed the new cooperation contract:
Prof. Dr. Simon Møberg Torp, Dean of the Faculty of Arts at Syddansk Universitet, and Prof. Dr. Werner Reinhart, President of the Europa-Universität Flensburg.