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Obvious moral failures and strategic political theorizing

Kategorien: Vortrag

Prof. Dr. Shmulik Nili, Politikwissenschaftler wird am ICES heute einen Vortrag zum Thema "Obvious moral failures and strategic political theorizing" halten. Nili arbeitet sowohl an der Northwestern University in Evanston, USA und der Australian National University’s School of Philosophy in Canberra, Australien.

My aim in this talk is to show how political philosophers can craft distinctive arguments supporting public policy reforms targeting obvious moral failures in public policy. The core idea is to justify certain reforms even when using premises associated with one’s opponents, albeit in a qualified manner and solely for the sake of discussion. I refer to this exercise in philosophical coalition-building as strategic political theorizing. - Strategic political theorizing does not limit itself to an isolated premise favored by those on the other side of a dispute: instead, it examines multiple premises that can be plausibly associated with one’s opponents, and that can be brought together to form a coherent set. Moreover, strategic political theorizing is not focused solely on the faulty premises – whether normative or empirical - that one’s opponents actually endorse. Rather, strategic political theorizing takes as its point of departure the strongest (most wide-ranging, internally coherent, and at least somewhat intuitive) combination of relevant premises that one’s opponents could sensibly endorse, given their more general, long-established commitments. Strategic political theorizing is driven by the thought that there can be value in such embellishment of opponents’ views. But this thought may also seem, at least at first blush, somewhat mysterious. My main effort here is to dispel the mystery.

Der Vortrag wird in englischer Sprache sein und alle Interessierten sind herzlich willkommen.


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