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Keystroke Capitalism. Why Money Is For the Few, Not the Many.

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Heute spricht Aaron Sahr vom Hamburger Institut für Sozialforschung zum Thema "Keystroke Capitalism. Why Money Is For the Few, Not the Many."

The European monetary order is under pressure. On the one hand, corporate surpluses and the income of the wealthiest households are growing. On the other hand, there are astonishing funding deficits: the infrastructure investment gap is widening in many countries. Wage stagnation, unemployment, and the risk of poverty are becoming increasingly noticeable, and government debt remains a constant political and economic burden.

These imbalances and inequalities can only be understood on the background of theoretical reflection on money. Recent debates have focused on money as a network of social relationships, rather than as a particularly attractive asset. Money is a "web" or "grid" of creditor-debtor relationships between banks and their customers. The scope and dynamics of this network of relationships is determined by the lending decisions of private banks. They create money as credit, independent of savings and the influence of central banks. This fact has long been underestimated by the social sciences, as they focus on money owners, not money creators.

The talk’s first part reflects on this (neglected) role of money creation within the sociological and political economic frameworks applied for the study of capitalist development and inequality. The second part distinguishes appropriative arrangements that channel the returns from private money creation to the owners of capital. The third and final part sketches possible criticism of the Eurozone‘s political decision to abolish monetary sovereignty.


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