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International Conference on 100 % Climate Neutrality in Sønderborg

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By 2050, the majority of the world's population will live in cities, which will top the global greenhouse gas emissions recordhigh if cities do nothing against it.  In the border region between Denmark and Germany, this challenge is taken as an opportunity to act and cope with a changing surrounding.

This years conference concentrates the best initiatives and stakeholders within climate neutrality and renewable energies on October 4-5, 2017 in Sønderborg. As a combined effort of Danish and German academic and climate protection institutions and the Mads Clausen Institute, we organize for the second time after 2015 the 100 % Climate Neutrality Conference in Sønderborg. For two days we engage attendees from municipalities, industry and academia in a dialogue about the best solutions to reach climate goals on city, regional and national levels. Examples will demonstrate ways to master the challenge, focused on the topics Smart Cities, Energy Efficiency, Intelligent Energy Systems, Green Entrepreneurship and Participatory Approaches.

Mark the date and if you wish to contribute, please contact Katharina Rubahn (kru-TextEinschliesslichBindestricheBitteEntfernen-@tek.sdu.dk) for possibilities. Students will have free admission.


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