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Race, ethnicity and education: some challenges for comparative work across Europe

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The paper will address some of the challenges for conducting comparative, qualitative research in the field of race, ethnicity and education across European countries.  Comparative work in race and education is somewhat rare. Comparative work in race and education across Europe is even rarer.  Surprisingly little seems to have been written on methodological issues in the field. This paper will draw on previous projects, including comparative work on apprenticeships funded by the University of East London, and work on refugees and vocational education funded by CEDEFOP as well as other, smaller projects, and comment on methodological, theoretical and ethical issues. The paper will touch on debates such as, what is the function of comparative work, and what is the nature of race?

Dr Chadderton will argue that much other comparative work in the field is conducted from the point of view of cultural deficiency, and frequently tends to assume that systems such as education are neutral. This serves to mask racial structures and ultimately to perpetuate racial inequalities.  If the point of education research is to move towards an eradication of social injustice and inequality, then conducting research within a framework which seeks to address that is vital. This framework will need to render visible those structures which discriminate, provide a historical context, an understanding of ‘othering’, and take into account the role of the researcher in creating knowledge.

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