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Cross-Border Christmas Lecture: Europe - New Unity in Crisis?

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There is no doubt Europe is in multiple crisis: What started as a financial and economic crisis has turned into a political crisis and a crisis of credibility of the European institutions. Disenchantment with the way the EU works has clearly shown in the European elections this year, where Euro-sceptic and xenophobic parties have done well. The whole European project, it seems, cannot be taken for granted any longer. Now, with events in Ukraine, the EU is even facing a threat to Europe’s peaceful post-Cold War order. But it could be precisely the confrontation with Russia that marks a turning point.

(Christoph Hasselbach has witnessed these developments at first hand as a correspondent in Brussels and will give his personal account.)  


Christoph Hasselbach has worked for Deutsche Welle, Germany’s public international media organization, since 1995 as a current affairs journalist for radio, on-line and television. He has studied modern languages and economics at Saarbrücken, Bath and Granada universities, then joined the BBC World Service in London, where he spent his formative years as a journalist. From 2008 to 2013 he was one of Deutsche Welle’s Europe correspondents in Brussels and as such covered the growing financial and political crisis in Europe extensively. Since his return to Deutsche Welle’s headquarters in Bonn, he has worked mainly on European and security policy matters.


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