EUCS students visit Kulturhof Flensburg

On Tuesday the 11th of June, Nele Feuring and Stella Terjung, tutors of the module "Culture and Education" in the B.A. European Cultures and Society program at the Europa-Universität Flensburg organised an excursion to Kulturhof Flensburg e.V. Nele and Stella who are students in the 6th semester of this Bachelor offered this organised visit to their younger cohort in the 2nd semester of the same program.

Kulturhof Flensburg e.V is a local non profit project Café made up of 12 volunteers with different professional backgrounds. The Café is an important place for social and cultural exchange and dialogue within the City. Kate, one of the Café’s volunteers, provided an introduction to the initial idea behind the Café and mentioned the challenges and offers of her work to the students. Nele and Stella’s aim for this visit was to contextualize the theoretical input of this module, with a practical example so that the students would have a better understanding of Culture and Education in practice. The visit also allowed the students to have a final get together before the semester ends by having some tasty treats and snacks. The staff of Kulturhof Flensburg e.V stated that they are always happy to take on more volunteers if anybody is interested in getting engaged with the project.