Veranstaltungskalender - Frühlingssemester 2020

Alle Veranstaltungen sind bis zum 19. April ausgesetzt worden, und wir nehmen keine neuen Vorbehalte entgegen.

Für Reservierungen der Rotunde wenden Sie sich bitte an (mindestens 2 Wochen vor der Veranstaltung). 

März 2020

WochentagDatum Veranstaltung Uhrzeit Beschreibung GruppeOrt Organisator
Sonntag01.03.2020Arrival and moving in11:00-20:00Arrival and moving inAnmeldung im IC (Lucila)RotundeLucila at IC
Montag02.03.2020Arrival and moving in11:00-20:00Arrival and moving inAnmeldung im IC (Lucila)RotundeLucila at IC
Dienstag03.03. 2020Welcome Breakfast 9:00Welcome Breakfast for all International Students. Meet and greet and enjoy a typical North German breakfast. FREE organized by the International CenterAnmeldung im IC (Lucila)HelsinkiLucila at IC
Freitag06.03.2020City Tour12:00Flensburg City walking tourAnmeldung im IC (Lucila)Lucila at IC
Freitag06.03.2020Pub Crawl20:00Get to know the nightlife in Flensburg. Organized by the International Center. Cost: depends on the individual consumption.Anmeldung im IC (Lucila)Lucila at IC
Freitag06.03.2020Bowling with DJ20:00

Bowling with DJ (BoA Bowlingarena)

Costs: 13 - 15€ (incl. a drink)

12 - 13 € (without a drink)

for 110 Minutes
Anmeldung im IC (Lucila)Meeting @ Südermarkt. Lucila at IC
Sonntag08.03.2020Brunch in Extrablatt10:30Organized by LEI to meet the  new Incoming International students - Cost: Brunch Extrablatt 5€ - €7 + hotdrinksAnmeldung im IC (Lucila)Rotunde

Yona-Sophie Kroeger, LEI


Wassersleben- Border Crossing to Denmark


Visit the beach and take a walk in the forest to Denmark (depending on the weather). Bring your passport or EU ID.

Cost: Free, Food as you consume. Free for students, financed by the International Center.
Anmeldung im IC (Lucila)ZOBLucila at IC
Samstag09.03.2020Privat Geburtstag15:00-15:00Privat GeburtstagGeschlossene GesellschaftRotundeMiriam Levke Alheid
Samstag14.03.2020Tandemparty20:00Incomings meet Outgoings , Organized by LEIAnmeldung im IC (Lucila)RotundeLucila at IC
Samstag14.03.2020Tour Glücksburg & Castle13:00 Walk and enjoy the beautiful castle tour in Glücksburg. Organized by the International Center. Cost: 6€  Anmeldung im IC (Lucila)ZOBLucila at IC
Samstag21.03.2020Schiffahrtsmuseum12:00 or 13:00Flensburg is an old port city. In the shipping museum you can learn everything about the port and the merchants' yards, about shipowners and merchants, about shipyards and ships, about ropes and takellage, about machines and engines, about machinists and captains and their everyday life at sea. Free with VOUCHER.Anmeldung im IC (Lucila)Meeting @ HafenspitzeLucila at IC
Dienstag24.03.2020 Heimvollversammlung-Sandberg20:00-22:00

Der Wohnheimrat des Wohnheims am Sandberg möchte am 24.03.20 von 20:00 bis ca. 22:00 Uhr

eine Heimvollversammlung abhalten.


Artur Scheck,

Sandberg Wohnheimrat

Mittwoch25.03.2020Emmy-Henning Haus Wohnheimvollversammlung19:30-23:00Emmy-Henning Haus WohnheimvollversammlungGeschlossenRotunde

Fabian Hanning

1.Vorsitzender - Heimrat EHH

Samstag28.03.2020Rum Tour13:30

Discover the history behind the rum that once made Flensburg rich and famous!

 7€ per person, need to be over 18 years old!!!
Anmeldung im IC (Lucila)FlensburgLucila at IC
Samstag28.03.2020Waffles16:00A nice place to have waffles, coffee and a chat. Costs: 8€ - 12€Anmeldung im IC (Lucila)meeting @ Café CentralLucila at IC

April 2020

WochentagDatumVeranstaltungUhrzeitBeschreibung  GruppeOrtOrganisator
Samstag25.04.2020Cafe Kö Flensburg20:00

Billiard and or Dart playing. €3 per hour

drinks and food are available too
Anmeldung im IC (Lucila)Cafe KöLucila at IC

Mai 2020

Sonntag10.05.2020Viking Museum Haithabu08:45 

Viking Museum Haithabu, Come and see a real Viking village and see how the Vikings used to live. Cost  6€ pp

Audioguide: extra 1€
Anmeldung im IC (Lucila) Lucila at IC
Samstag16.05.2020EUROVISION SONG CONTEST20:30EUROVISION SONG CONTESTAnmeldung im IC (Lucila) RotundeLucila at IC

Bouldering (Indoor Rock Climbing). Cost €11

 for the whole day
Anmeldung im IC (Lucila) Lucila at IC
Samstag 03.05.2019Culture Night20.00Culture Night, Experience the cultures from the International students.Anmeldung im IC (Lucila) RotundeLucila at IC

Juni 2020

Samstag06.06.2020Mini-Golf11:00Mini-Golf Solitüde, Costs: €3.50 for one round/ €35 for "10’er Karten"Anmeldung mit IC (Lucila)Meeting @ ZOBIC - Lucila


To be announced


To be announced

MS Viking Boat Tour

MS Viking Boat Tour

( not clear yet)
Anmeldung mit IC (Lucila)Meeting To be announcedIC - Lucila


To be announced


To be announced

 Island of Sylt - 1 day excursion

Meeting To be announced
10:00A trip to the island of Sylt. We will go by train to Westerland and explore the surroundings. Bike rental and beach entry are included. You need to bring food or money for food and drinks. Cost 17€ ppAnmeldung mit IC (Lucila)Meeting To be announcedIC - Lucila


To be announced


To be announced
Flensburg Brewery17:00

Guided Tour at Flensburg Brewery. Wear closed shoes, no sandals.

Costs: FREE with voucher otherwise 12€ per Person.

Meeting 13:30 at the Brewery
Anmeldung mit IC (Lucila)Meeting To be announcedIC - Lucila