• Empörung, Ziviler Ungehorsam und Protestkultur
  • Praktische und politische Philosophie, insbesondere Wertediskurse, Vielfalt, Genderaspekte
  • Phänomenologie
  • Philosophie der Aufklärung, insbesondere Immanuel Kant
  • Russische Philosophie und Ideengeschichte, insbesondere Michail M. Bachtin

Aktuelle Forschungsprojekte

I. Normative Dimensions of Indignation

Indignation is a reaction to an action perceived as violating norms. These norms include moral and legal aspects, and they are socially embedded. Peter Strawson mentioned a "complicated web of attitudes and feelings which form an essential part of the moral life as we know it". These "reactive attitudes" express normative implications and demands. They are "reactions to the good or  ill will or indifference of others towards us, as displayed in their attitudes and actions". Reflections can modify our attitudes. The attitude of indignation includes strong emotions, but likewise it is open to reason. To describe its normative dimension I focus on the phenomenon of indignation. Like other phenomena of the life-world, indignation is not ‘open to an immediate descriptive capture’. But through the moral, legal, and emotional aspects, which form and influence the attitude of indignation, its structure may be revealed.

II. The Value of Diversity

"The Value of Diversity" deals with values and valuation, identity, individuality, and human diversity. I focus on the following questions: What are values and what is diversity? How can we rationalize the value of diversity? I will bridge the gap between (phenomenological) value-theory, ethical contributions, and diversity issues. The project’s topics mainly belong to social and political philosophy with links to the social and cultural sciences, juridical and aesthetic questions, and empirical disciplines. I will take into consideration different cultural influences on valuation processes. Diverse perspectives and diverse values may enhance each other. They are productively disturbing aspects of moral debates. Besides phenomenology and classical political philosophy (I. Kant), I will use case studies and concrete examples of social phenomena, such as the moral attitude of indignation, to illustrate that. These examples illustrate the enhancement as well as the problems which especially cultural diversity entails.