Nicolaus Copernicus University

Cooperation areas: Philosophy and Ethics (0223), Psychology (0313), Sociology and Cultural Studies (0314)


Course titleAcademic yearECTS
Philosophical Problems of Cognitive ScienceHeSe 19/20
Philosophy and Popular CultureHeSe 19/20
AestheticsHeSe 19/20
Boom the Baltics! Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia from InsideHeSe 19/20
Consciousness from Cognitive Point of ViewHeSe 19/20
IntentionalitätHeSe 19/20
Information Visualization TechniquesHeSe 19/20

Jagiellonian University

Cooperation areas: Languages (023), Political sciences and civics (0312)


Course titleECTSAcademic year
Bachelor Seminar62018/2019
Cultural Industries and Cultural Institutions42018/2019

European Solidarity in the Process of Political and Society Integration.

A Philosophical Perspective.


The Museums of Krakow.

Revealed and Hidden Stories of the Eurpean Past.


Security and Democracy  in Europe after 1989.

A Central European Experience.

Academic English for European Studies42018/2019
The European Convention on Human Rights42018/2019

Academic English for European Studies

Violence in International Relations32019/2020
Modern Philosophy 62019/2020
Modern European State Formation 62019/2020
Citizenship, Migration & Multiculturalism in Europe102019/2020
Human Rights42019/2020
Culture in International Relations 52019/2020

Jan Kochanowski University

Cooperation areas: Political sciences and civics (0312), Business and Administration (041)


Course titleECTSAcademic year

University of Lodz

Cooperation areas: Arts and Humanities (02), Economics (0311), Sociology and Cultural Studies (0314), Accounting and Taxation (0411), Finance, Banking and Insurance (0412)


Course titleECTSAcademic year
Business Ethics62018/2019
Economics of European Integration 262018/2019
Human Resource Management6


Introduction to Philosophy of Religion6 2018/2019

Qualitative Methods in Social Research

Polish Language Course42018/2019
Poland - History, Culture and Society42018/2019
Financial Controls in Accounting62019/2020
International Finance62019/2020
European Union Trade Policy62019/2020

Maria-Curie-Sklodowska University

Cooperation areas: Earth sciences (0532)


Course titleECTSAcademic year

University of Opole

Cooperation areas: Education (011), Philosophy and ethics (0223), Political sciences and civics (0312)


Course titleECTSAcademic year
Art and Culture Law62018/2019
Gender and Society62018/2019

Intercultural Competence

Polish Language Course32018/2019

How to train your dragon - Understanding and taming European Union

Migration and Cultural Contact52018/2019
Another world is possible – Social justice in practice62018/2019
Terrorism and the Media62018/2019
Gender issues in Eastern European countries62018/2019
Conspiracy Theories62018/2019
Language in Society and Culture62018/2019

Adam Mickiewicz University

Cooperation areas: Languages (023)


Course titleECTSAcademic year

Pomeranian University in Slupsk

Cooperation areas: Education (011), History and Archaeology (0222), Languages (023), Social and behavioural sciences (031), Earth sciences (0532), Music and performing arts (0215)


Course titleECTSAcademic year

University of Lower Silesia

Cooperation areas: Education (011)


Course titleECTSAcademic year
Media Art32020
Group Communication32020
History of Animation and VFX42020
Law in Design and Production32020
Project Management Methods32020
Polish Language and Culture52020
PR and Portfolio Building32020
Visual Communication32020
Storytelling and Story Design32020

University of Wroclaw

Cooperation areas: Education (011), Humanities (022), Languages (023), Sociology and cultural studies (0314), Journalism and Information (032)


Course titleECTSAcademic year
Anthropology of postsocialism in Central/Eastern Europe62019/20
Contemporary cultures of resistance62019/20
Art, education & society62019/20
Institutions and forms of EU public sphere62019/20
Multicultural Education and Management62019/20