Person entitled to a loan

An application for a loan from the Loan Fund of the Fördergesellschaft der Universität Flensburg e.V., whose financial stock is generously provided by the E. W. Kuhlmann Foundation Hamburg, can be submitted by refugees of any age who are enrolled as students at Europa-Universität Flensburg or who participate in the "Programme for the Preparation and Integration of Fugitives" (ProRef) at Europa-Universität Flensburg. Proof of the refugee's background (proof of arrival/BÜMA, residence reimbursement, residence tolerance or residence permit) as well as matriculation or ProRef participation must be provided by the loan applicant for the entire duration of the loan.

Basis of claim

If funds from other state or private promotional institutions are granted, these must be credited in full against the loan to be approved. Neediness shall be based on the principles of BAföG (§ 13 BAföG).

Granting of loans

Loans may not be granted for the purpose of repaying loans. Loans shall be granted without legal entitlement and in accordance with the resources available as follows

1. student entrance loans,if state or private (educational) support does not begin at the beginning of the course of study and the granting of the loan makes it possible to take up the course of study,

2. bridging loans,if a state or private (training) grant is interrupted for a certain period of time and the granting of the loan enables the student to continue his or her studies,

3. hardship loanto avoid hardships in special individual cases.

Loan amount and term

Loans are only intended to bridge short-term financial bottlenecks (e.g. delays or interruptions in state or private (training) funding). A loan term of up to 6 months can be applied for. In special individual cases, an application can be made for an extension of the originally approved term with the help of an informal letter stating the reasons. The loan is interest-free for the approved term.The loan amount to be approved (requirement) is calculated according to the applicant's individual needs (calculation of requirements) and is based on the BAföG rate. The loan amount to be approved should not exceed six times the BAöG maximum rate. Justified exceptions to this are permissible in special individual cases.The disbursement of the loan ends in any case with the disbursement of another state or private (training) grant (e.g. BAföG, scholarship) in the corresponding amount. The awarding commission must be informed of this immediately.


In order to secure the loan, a directly enforceable guarantee or bank citizenship must generally be provided for the entire loan amount. The guarantee must be submitted in written form.
The identity of the guarantor must be proven beyond doubt. Your signature must be made in the presence of an authorised person of the Fördergesellschaft der Universi-tät Flensburg e.V.. In cases in which it is unreasonable to expect the University of Flensburg e.V. to provide a personal signature on site at the Fördergesellschaft der Universität Flensburg e.V., the identity of the guarantor can also be established by providing a copy of his/her identity card. The guarantor must have his/her permanent residence in the Federal Republic of Germany and offer an economic guarantee that he/she can fully assume the obligation of the student or ProRef participant in the event of a claim.
The guarantor has to prove his or her economic capability by suitable proofs. These are, among other things, salary statements or income tax assessments.
In special individual cases, the Awards Commission may refrain from providing a guarantee.


A loan is granted only upon a personal application. The application form must contain information on the reason for the application, the type of loan (see § 3), the monthly amount of the loan (see § 4) and the term of the loan (see § 4) and must be submitted together with the following documents:

1. a copy of the identity card/passport or proof of flight status (proof of arrival/BÜMA, residence permit, residence permit or tolerance),

2. certificate of enrolment (if applicable, letter of admission) from Europa-Universität Flensburg or certificate of participation in the ProRef programme,

3. curriculum vitae,

4. a written declaration by the applicant about his/her income and assets,

5. income documents of the applicant (e.g. account statements),

6. declaration of guarantee (exception: loan in accordance with § 5, paragraph 

7. proof of income of the guarantor (exception: loan according to § 5, paragraph 4),

8. copy of the last BAföG decision or confirmation that BAföG has been applied for,

9. confirmation from the competent authority (e.g. social centre or job centre) that it is not possible to bridge the gap.

10. Form


The application documents must be submitted to the Coordination Office for Refugee Programmes at Europa-Universität Flensburg (EUF), from where they are forwarded to the Award Commission:

Europa-Universität Flensburg
Koordination Flüchtlingsprogramme

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